Document Translations

I am familiar with written translations of all types, including legal documents, contracts, technical translations and official documents.


Official documents

If you have official documents or forms that you need translated quickly and accurately I am perfectly suited to the job. I am quite experienced in ensuring that your document, be it a school application or an immigration letter is clearly and truthfully reproduced.



Technical Translations

With experience translating technical documents in my work in the import/export industry, I am confident taking on any work to translate instructions, guides, technical specifications, or product descriptions. 



Business communications

If you regularly communicate with offshore Chinese suppliers or buyers, I am able to help. Digital communications of any sort can be quickly reproduced to or from Chinese for your convenience and confidence.  


I am experienced in face to face interpretation in both private engagements and public speaking. With plenty of practice translating and interpreting at events and in public, I am able to travel for conferences, business meetings or seminars. Any social events or travel escorts are also negotiable.  


Business Meetings

Having been a professional translator for the past several years, most of my work has been undertaking verbal interpretations between New Zealand and Chinese businessmen. I am confident and well presented, am discrete, and happy to cater to your particular needs.



If you are holding a conference, and will be having Chinese guests attending, I am perfectly suited to provide the communication bridge between you and your guests, both for public speaking interpretation and personal translations.


Social Events

From public events that require a well presented and fluent host, to private gatherings with your Chinese business partners, I am able to cater to all range of social events.